Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I join the River Trace Homeowner’s Association

A: RTHA provides opportunities for social interaction with your neighbors. There is an annual holiday party with the entire neighborhood decorated with luminaria lighting. There is also an annual summer block party. Your association also works to maintain the entry way so visitors have a positive impression of the neighborhood. The association has protected the members when the city planned to put parking for 300 cars at Metzger Park, and when a cellular phone company sought to install a tower on the border between association homeowners and the land north that was previously farmland. All of this is accomplished for a very low annual membership fee.

Q: What is the population of Westerville?
A: According to the City of Westerville website, the population of Westerville is approximately 40,000.

Q: How many homes are there in River Trace?
A: There are 158 homes in River Trace.

Q: What are the dues for the Homeowners’ Association?
A: For the year starting 2022, the dues are $65.00 total per home.

Q: What are the deed restrictions?

A: All River Trace homeowners should have received a copy of the deed restrictions at the time of their purchase. However, an extract of the restrictions was distributed several years ago, a copy is reproduced here for your convenience. Deed Restrictions

Q: How is the River Trace Homeowners Association organized?

A: The association operates under a set of bylaws. The board of directors is comprised of all volunteers. They oversee the budget and organize the activities and events. Click for a copy of the Association Bylaws

Additional Resources

For additional information about the City of Westerville, see the City’s web site http://www.westerville.org/, or contact the City Manager’s Office.

City Manager’s Office
21 S. State Street
Westerville, Ohio  43081
Phone:  614.901.6400
Fax:  614.901.6401

For additional information about the River Trace Homeowners’ Association,  Contact the board members.