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Association Dues Dues for year 2019 – 2020 are now due. Please complete the membership form and mail it with your $60 dues to John Kotik. Please consider helping with the upcoming Association events. The form provides information on how you can help.

Linda Vollmer RTHA Board President

 Linda Vollmer, a thirty year resident of River Trace is the president. In addition to the Board, additional volunteer opportunities exist to assist in the varied activities. Contact any of the Board members or Block Captains if you would like to help in any way.

Board of Directors –  Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Social Committee Chair, Block Watch Chair, Neighborhood Entry Chair, Website Manager, and many other areas of interest. Please join in and help in an area that interests you. All of the RTHA board seats and committee seats are easy to get involved in and don’t require much time. We are a willing and helpful group.

Contact Linda Vollmer at to join in.

Neighborhood Directory We will be gathering information for the neighborhood directory in 2019. The directory is updated every other year. 

Additional News

Speeding in our Neighborhood We all need to be aware of the traffic flow and speeding thru the neighborhood particularly up River Trace and Waterton Drive. As a main entrance into the neighborhood as well as thru – fare to Metzger Park, speeding continues to be an issue that must be addressed. We have notified the Westerville Police Department and have requested their thoughts/comments on how best to address this issue.

Dog Owners Many of our neighbors have dogs and are very attentive to the requirement to be sure the dog is under the control of the owner at all time. I am sure everyone is pleased that we do not have dogs running loose in the neighborhood. It is also beneficial to everyone if dog owners cleanup after their pets when walking them.

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