River Trace

The River Trace Neighborhood
When you wander through River Trace you will notice cyclists, walkers and runners. You will see kids on bicycles and scooters. There are youngsters and older folks. River Trace, a neighborhood filled with variety, is located in Westerville, Ohio.
Neighbors become friends through their kids; shared interests or just because they are neighbors. Visit the Events page for information about neighborhood activities.

Dog walkers are reminded that the neighborly and polite thing to do is clean up after your dog. Supermarket plastic bags and newspaper bags are good for this purpose. The bags can be placed in your trash for regular pickup.
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If you have pictures of neighborhood events, send them to me and I can place them in the photo gallery. You can create a cd or dvd, use a flash drive which I will return, or send them to me via Dropbox. If nothing else works, bring your camera by and I willl download the pictures myself.