Saturday, December 21, 2019: Luminary and Carriage Rides

In the morning we will be making and distributing the luminaries along the route of the Carriage Rides

In the evening we will gather to enjoy the carriage rides and visit with Santa


Future Events:
Stay tuned for the upcoming 2020 events.

We are in need of people to chair various events in the neighborhood.  We appreciate all of the help that many of you give us for all of the events, however it would help us a lot if the work was shared by designated chairs.  Right now Kathy Montgomery is the chair person for landscaping.  It would be great to have a chair for: membership, block party, and luminary.   We have great information to pass on to help with the events.  The neighborhood would continue to help as always with set up for the events.  Please let Linda Vollmer know if you are able to help chair an activity.